Revenge of the Naked Princess

Oswald Pereira has completed writing his second novel, Revenge of the Naked Princess. Click Here to learn more about REVENGE OF THE NAKED PRINCESS


5 thoughts on “Revenge of the Naked Princess

  1. Thank you, Cederash. I’m translating your comment from Russian to English through the help of online software. The translation is as follows:

    “Informative; continue in the same spirit.”

  2. I have read excerpts from your upcoming book “Revenge of the Naked Princess.” I can tell you one thing, this book is going to be turned into a film for Hollywood….when it happens, you will remember this!! It is a visual extravaganza. Absolutely brilliant topic and writing style. This is the big one.

  3. Read ‘Beyond the Newsroom’, which was interesting. Waiting to get my hands on this one; it sounds fascinating. Forceful religious conversions, invaders who came and plundered the land and hurt innocent people in the name of religion, a topic close to my heart!

  4. Waiting to read your second novel, the name of course is breathtaking. Hope that like Beyond the Newsroom was a potent comment on corruption that taints Indian physche and politics,this new novel will emerge as a exciting mix of ‘ignored history’ and a ‘thrilling plot’.

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