Readers’ Comments

I am a journalist based in Mumbai. Read your ‘Beyond the Newsroom’. Really interesting and I have managed to place nearly 55 per cent characters in your book. It is a real commentary on the state of affairs of journalism. Also the way you have written is nothing but a thriller – like Frederick Forsyth.

MRITYUNJAY BOSE, Special Correspondent-Mumbai, Sakaal Times, Sakaal Media Group

I just finished your book BEYOND THE NEWSROOM last week. You really have deep knowledge about mumbai. The story was great – full of unexpected twists and stuff. And you know what? next day I watched the movie – Sarkar Raj and I kept thinking maybe Ram Gopal Varma should make a movie out of Beyond the Newsroom


“Beyond the Newsroom” is a gripping story on the stark realities of journalism in India. The plot is spun well around the characters, showing effectively and lucidly how a nexus has developed between the press and the underworld. And completing this sinister circle is the link between the underworld and the police as well as the government. Written by a journalist who has presumably witnessed these alliances, the novel is a must-read for all those who want to know what goes on behind-the-scenes in a newspaper office. Well-written and in a simple style, without any frills, the novel avoids sensationalism, which is all the more reason why the story and characters seem so credible.

Amazon Customer Review: Marlene Monteath

Abhiroop Banerjee on Shelfari:
A rollicking blockbuster novel. Great fun from start to finish!

Some great characters, a racy narrative and a solid plot make this baby a page turner if there ever was one. You’ve seen them before, gangsters, bad cops and worse cops, politicians, sex and violence…. but what sets it apart from the rest of the Mumbaiyya stuff like Maximum City and Sacred Games is how the role of India’s fourth estate – the Press, in the machinations of Mumbai’s crime world is explored (exposed?). The story moves fast, but does not fail to establish the characters, and one feels involved in the story, as few other stories have made me. You can practically VISUALISE the stuff!

Prabhath P on Shelfari:

‘Beyond the Newsroom’ is an excellent suspense thriller. It keeps the reader hooked from the first page to the last page. I really appreciate the author’s courage in writing such a detailed expose of the corrupt media-mafia-police-politician nexus! I feel all people who are concerned about the future of India should read this novel to see how some unscrupulous elements erode the integrity of India.


2 thoughts on “Readers’ Comments

  1. I chanced upon this book in a Mumbai bookshop and have never regretted picking it up. The book is a real eye-opener on the media world. It’s more a story of the media than about the underworld. I must congratulate the author for daring to write such a story on the links between the media and the underworld. The media must bury its head in shame.

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