Ringside View

Oswald Pereira
Oswald Pereira

Oswald Pereira has drawn in from his vast experience in journalism while writing the book. The book gives a ringside view of  journalism.


12 thoughts on “Ringside View

  1. It does seem that the author is writing from real life experiences. I have been associated with the newspaper world and I believe at least two of the characters described in the novel bear an uncanny resemblance to journalists who still ‘practise’ the profession with impunity. How they were not fired despite their links with the underworld shows that journos can get away with a lot of things.

  2. The novel definitely appears to be born out of a deep knowledge and insight about the theme – the unholy alliance between the fourth estate and the underworld. When I read the book I felt that this could really happen. The author for sure knows what he is writing about.

  3. I read the novel and was really impressed by what it revealed … the intricate links between the fourth estate and the underworld. While the novel unveils stark realities, it shuns sensationalism and is written with restraint. A really worthwhile read.

  4. Looks like the author himself must have been in cahoots with the underworld! Otherwise, how would he be privy to such scenarios? Or maybe he’s an opium addict and like Samuel Coleridge let his imagination run riot on a sultry Sunday afternoon when his wife and kids were away. But then, he’s no Coleridge! He’s just another desi journo with grand pretensions trying to pose as a prima donna. No wonder they get booteed out every now and then when then grown old disgracefully!

  5. Mike, do take up a job with a big newspaper in India. As you go out into the field, you will learn a lot about your colleagues and about how journalists can be corrupt. Forget crime reporters, even journalists who cover Page 3 are corrupt. They take designer watches worth a couple of lakhs as gifts; they will even charge money to publish your photograph. All this is common knowledge to people who work in the profession and to people who deal with journalists. And not all journalists are corrupt. Mike, if you are a journalist, you will know this is the truth. So, stop glossing over the truth and don’t run down the author needlessly!

    Oh, another point….authors who write murder thrillers are not murderers, although they churn out novel after novel based on the perfect murder.That would mean people like Erle Stanley Gardner and John Grisham should be jailed instantly — So if someone writes a tale about corrupt journalists and their links with the underworld, it doesn’t mean the author, himself is in cohorts with the underworld or corrupt himself.

  6. Hello Reena, appreciate your thoughts and reply, but, arent you contradicting yourself? On the one hand you say just because Gardner or Grisham writes murder mysteries doesnt mean they are murderers and thereby deduce that journalists arent corrupt or are murderers just because they write about corruption or murder. On the other hand, you are saying that journalists are so corrupt and give examples of that in your first paragraph. The fact that you are an ardent supporter of Oswald Pereira is obvious ( an for all you know, you could be family and therefore trying to defend him at all costs). But at least madam, get your logic right! Thank you.

  7. I completely agree with Mike Talukdar on this. The author pompously says that he has drawn in from his “vast experience in journalism” to pen the book. I wonder if any experiecne can be so vast. And, where did he obtain his vast experience? Please dont give me the names of some publications you have worked for because everyone who is a journalist would have obviously worked for some publication at some point in their careers! Oswald Pereira is someone who no one seems to have heard of despite his self-proclaimed “vast experience”! Or maybe he writing under a different pen name for those publications where he supposedly gained all that “vast experience.”

  8. Hi, saw this tit-for-tat retort resorted to by the “vastly experienced” author.Wouldn’t have been better if he had replied to the queries raised instead of trying to make snide remarks? Or maybe he is brain dead after writing his scholarly tome?

  9. So Oscar,

    When are your other books that you say you are writing coming out? Do write a decent one this time. The first was ok — it was a first and meant just for family and friends so that they know you are a writer or at least doing something supposedly meaningful. Now, you have to prove that you are a writer! Are you up to it, pal?

  10. Hi Rajnish

    Better get my name right the next time you write under a fake name. You and Hemant seem to be twins or you own one computer since you are writing from the same IP address.

    Incidentally, I have got good feedback for my book from readers (not family and friends) and still continue to do so. If you were a genuine commentator, I would have loved to address your expectations. But since you hide under an assumed name and a fake Email ID, I don’t think it’s worth taking you seriously.

  11. If you ever want to hear a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this post for four from five. Detailed info, but I have to go to that damn google to find the missed bits. Thank you, anyway!

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