The Times of India Review


May 5, 2007


“A fast-paced, no nonsense novel.”

TO use a journalists’ cliché, this book is a ’scoop’; the ‘real’ deal about the unholy nexus between the underworld, the government and the Fourth Estate.  A fast-paced, no nonsense novel, it explains in surprising detail, the intertwined fellowship between the system and the ‘unsystematic’ underworld. It comes as no surprise that the novel is by an accomplished crime reporter himself. The crisp chapters captivate your attention without trying to glorify characters.
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Oswald Pereira

Oswald Pereira, whose novel Beyond the Newsroom was published in January 2007, has more than 25 years’ experience in journalism and communications. He has worked as an editor, a reporter, a special correspondent, as well as a communication specialist. He has been a manager and an entrepreneur, credited with setting up a research division for a top PR agency, an infrastructure website, and a technology-specific PR consultancy.

Beyond the Newsroom: Review Links

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Blog Preternatural

Beyond the Newsroom, was published in January 2007 by Frog Books, Mumbai. The novel describes the unholy alliance between India’s Fourth Estate, governance and the underworld. The book reveals the many hidden aspects of a black-and-white piece of newsprint. An exciting and immensely readable work of ‘fiction’, Beyond the Newsroom features complex and interesting characters who show how nebulous the lines between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ can be.