Deccan Herald, February 25, 2007

    dhlogo.gifDeccan Herald went to town over Beyond the Newsroom and gave it a rave review. Here’s what the newspaper had to say:

    “A thriller that can be read at one go.”

    ‘Bad journalists’

    M K Chandra Bose

    The book reveals the underbelly of the media and is a good read for anyone interested in the news…

    Beyond the Newsroom

    By Oswald Pereira

    Frog Books

    Pages 255

    Rs 245.

    In the eighties when a coterie of reporters in Bangalore were acting as the drum beaters of a chief minister, some of their ilk in Bombay were dancing to the tunes of an underworld don.

    They included journalists from the lowly tabloids to the mighty national dailies. The unholy nexus between politicians and journalists has been written about but very little is known about the underworld clout with the fourth estate. Beyond the Newsroom fills this void.

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